Green Coffee Extract is HOT, but is it for YOU?

There’s a fascination about green coffee bean extract that’s been gaining in momentum, thanks to a special ingredient found within green coffee beans: chlorogenic acid. This compound appears to have some amazing beneficial effects on how your metabolism works and helps you to actually lose weight without the need for stringent dieting. Even has been talking about it and started offering NewLifeBotanicals brand not too long ago just as they do for garcinia cambogia.

Dr. Oz actually brought attention to this supplement on his show, as he also did garcinia cambogia, calling it a miracle pill. Claiming that it has the ability to quickly burn fat. As we always say though, you can’t believe everything you see on TV – no matter who says it. But after a little research, we’ve found there are studies that clearly back up his statements.

The Studies

Actually, there are several studies that have shown the benefits that you can expect to get from chlorogenic acid. Particularly on how it boosts metabolism to promote a safe, natural and easy way to lose weight. The study most commonly referred to was published in “Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity” back in 2012.

Participants were a group of overweight people who took varying doses of the green coffee extract over the course of two weeks. Some took a high dose of 1050mg, some took a lower dose of 700mg and some were simply given a placebo. The findings were clear. Those taking the extract saw a decent amount of decrease in body mass index, body weight and body fat. Some of them even decreased their heart rate to be at a more healthy level.

The thing is – they didn’t do anything else. They didn’t start exercising and they didn’t diet. They made no changes to their lifestyle. They simply started taking this supplement. It’s believed that chlorogenic acid is the reason it works so well. The way it inhibits your body from absorbing sugars from starch you eat. The way it interacts with and effects fat synthesis.

A previous study was done in 2007, which was seen in “The Journal of International Medical Research”. In this study, they found that those participants who drank instant coffee that was pumped up with chlorogenic acid lost weight.

Many other studies have been as well, but they aren’t cited as often since they weren’t using human subjects. But that’s not the case with garcinia cambogia extract.

Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Right for You?

If you’ve heard of it before, you’ve probably been tempted to try it. But at the same time, you probably don’t want to get suckered into yet another diet pill that didn’t live up to its claims. Well the truth is that it will. But you have to be careful about which product you buy. If you have any pre-existing health conditions then you should talk to your doctor. The effects on children, babies or fetus have not been researched. Therefore. If you’re pregnant or nursing, you should wait until you try it out.

Any green coffee supplement you buy should have a minimum of 50% cholorgenic acid, as the studies used an extract that had over 45%. Remember that the minimum dosage used in the studies was 700mg, so keep that in mind, too.